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Natalya Kulakovska
Nikolai Kulakovsky

Natalya and Nikolai recommend NZ NABF and advise to engage in bubble football classes. According to Natalya`s words, the complex of excercises of bubble football & workouts, which were developed by the NZ NABF, helps to effectively reduce weight, promote coordination of movement, kicking skills, moving skills and agility. This new sport is very good both for children, teenagers, and adults. Especially the complex of physical exercises & workouts should appeal to children and youth. It is very important to introduce children to the sport in early childhood.
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Natalya Kulakovska

Natalya has a Degree with honours from National University of Physical Education and Sports of Ukraine.
She won a gold medal (Swimming) in a Championship of Russian Federation. Following her passion, she trained a number of talented athletes.
From 1980 to 1984, Natalya worked for a Regional Hospital in the division of heart surgery in Kiev as a massage therapist. In 1986 she started her career in Children’s Hospital as a therapist, performing healing physical therapy for kids. Amongst other massage modalities, she carried out massage for infants and taught infants swimming techniques. She became a highly qualified instructor and shared her experience with people coming from all over the world.
In the period of 1992 – 1997 Natalya worked on cruise ships as a massage therapist. She has 23 years experience as a massage therapist, including last of which last 17 years she’s been working for the Total Therapy Institute.
In 2013-2014 Natalia studied Visceral Therapy and Osteopathic technic in Germany, in 2015 she completed a course in Yumeiho therapy and a course in Hijama (Wet Cupping) in 2016.

Nikolai Kulakovsky

Nikolai was interested in massage techniques since he was young. Later, he graduated with a Degree in Sports and Exercise Medicine and as a Bachelor of Education from Institute for Physical Education and Sport in Ukraine.

He became a professional wrestling trainer, which required knowledge of the massage, treatment of injuries and knowledge of the muscular skeletal system. Since then Nikolai started his massage career. In 1981 Nikolai received his license as a massage therapist and began working in the children’s hospital where he treated kids, suffering from cerebral palsy and poliomyelitis.
For three years he’s been working as a tutor in children’s and infants massage for pediatricians and nurses. In 1988 he received a highest nomination as a massage therapist.
In 1988 he completed Postgraduate training in Manipulative Therapy (segmentary-reflex massage) including paramedic training. In 1992 Nikolai completed postgraduate course in Vertebral Manipulation under the methodology of Dr. Charles Maitland at Neurology department of the regional Clinical Hospital. Later, for five years he’s been a massage therapist on international cruise liners.
For 15 years he’d been working in Russian hospital system as a massage therapist where government officials and Olympic teams were among his patients.
In 2000 Nikolai  completed a course in Lymphatic Drainage massage.
In 2013-2016 Nickolai completed a courses in Visceral Therapy and Osteopathic technique (Germany),
a course in Yumeiho therapy, and a Hijama (Wet Cupping) courses.
For the last 19 years he has been working in New Zealand, 17 of which – at the Total Therapy Institute.

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